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Nathan Wesely pllc

Practice Areas.

Employment Law

Nathan has practiced in the employment law arena for over 30 years, and has been Board Certified in Labor and Employment Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization since 1992. Nathan has experience in virtually every aspect of employment law - from class action litigation to investigations. While Nathan has seen a lot, no one has seen it all. That is why you need an employment attorney who will find the solution - call Nathan!

Labor Law


Nathan has extensive experience negotiating union contracts, and dealing with all aspects of multiemployer union operations. Nathan also has participated in Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service training on interest based bargaining.

In addition to employment cases, Nathan has litigated matters ranging from commercial contract disputes and insurance coverage litigation to maritime cargo claims.


In addition to experience in ERISA litigation, Nathan served as a trustee on Taft-Hartley benefit plans with assets totaling over $1.4 billion and attended the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plan’s annual convention for the past ten years.

Benefit Plan Trustee

For those plans seeking outside trustees, Nathan's experience as a trustee, business executive, and MBA gives him the tools to serve as an outside trustee and fulfill a trustee's fiduciary responsiblities.


In addition to the compliance issues relating to labor and employment law, Nathan's experience as a business executive has given him background in most areas needed in a small business including, for example, I-9 and escheat laws.

General Counsel

For small and medium sized companies that need a General Counsel, Nathan will be your part time General Counsel. Nathan's experience as a law firm partner, General Counsel, and business executive gives him the background to provide counsel on best practices and efficient solutions.

Mediation and


With his background working on matters on both sides of the docket, Nathan can serve as an impartial mediator or arbitrator, working toward a resolution as a mediator or giving a well thought out decision as an arbitrator. 

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